Thursday, November 3, 2011

Twice the fruit - until the frosts come

Yesterday I saw a crab apple tree with fruit and flowers on it at the same time. How can this be? A couple of weeks ago at my allotment I took these photos of my blackberries. They had already fruited very early in the summer season, are fruiting again and are still putting out new flowers. They must be knackered.


  1. It's been a really topsy-turvy year - poor old Mother Nature is really confused.

  2. Hello Lorna, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - it's meant that I've found yours and really enjoyed looking back through your posts. Plants may temporarily be fooled by the mild weather but there's lots of berries on the trees and it will be interesting to see if the old wives' tale of that being a harbinger of a long hard winter is true!

  3. All I can say is "Lucky you!" ours only fruited once. All gone...

  4. You're right Elaine. Plants never complain about all the weird things they have to put up with!

    hi Caro, thanks for coming by. I haven't heard that old wives tale. If it's anything like last year...I'm battening down the hatches and not coming out until March.

    Janet, I didn't get to pick most of the first crop because they came out when we were on holiday! I was upset at the time thinking I had missed my harvest. So I am VERY lucky. I freeze them and use them through the winter :)

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. What a funny year we've had this year, I've seen spring flowers blooming in October and the insects don't seem to be in any rush to bed down for the winter. It looks like your son is a keen little helper at the allotment. I wish I'd taken on my allotment when my children were younger, I think they can get so much out of it. I've got two teenagers and they're really not very interested at all now. Archie, my Cavvy, isn't allowed off his lead at the allotment, he would cause mayhem, though he's not as bad in the garden now as he was when we first got him as a puppy last year, he bit most of the heads off my flowers. I'd love to see Barney helping out on your allotment, I've had a quick look through your posts but I don't think he's been featured on your blog.

  6. Hi Jo, thanks for commenting! Archie sounds adorable. You're right I've not written about Barney the dog yet, I will do soon. He likes to say hello to people and another dog on the site also called Barney. He sleeps a lot now that he's old and generally causes less trouble than the boy (though my son is better trained now). We're very lucky to have an adventure playground next to the plot so sometimes my hubby takes our boy there so I can get some work done.


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