Saturday, November 19, 2011

The bigger picture

View from my garden
Allotment fire viewed from the path outside

The allotment viewed from the East Hill

My son and husband (left) on the East Hill

View from the allotment and head in the clouds on the way home

I'm quite often stooped over, looking downwards, earth between my fingers.
I spend a lot of time closely studying the leaves of plants for signs of disease or invading critters.
You may see me in the street with my nose buried in the petals of an overhanging rose bush.
I sometimes see the world from the perspective of a grasshopper through skyscraper blades of grass.
But when I stand back, really far back, I get a different picture completely.
I see what a small role I have in a very busy and beautiful natural world.
I stop and enjoy the view.


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  2. Hello Winda, your blog is lovely and your only 14, how impressive! I'm not on twitter but I will add you on facebook. My blog is updated on there. Thanks or your comment. Hope life is good in Singapore today x

  3. Lovely pictures Lorna - what a great view from your house - I bet it's not like that this morning - you couldn't see your hand in front of your face the fog was so thick.

  4. I know what you mean about having your eyes down to the ground, we should remember to look up and take in our surroundings as well, there's alot of beauty around us.

  5. Thanks Elaine. No fog here! It was a lovely sunny day again. I'm really loving the extended mild weather.

    Hi Jo, there always is.

  6. I know how you feel...a gardener can get so caught up in nature's microcosms. It's usually when the season has closed that there's time to look up and around and wonder at the marvel of nature on a grander scale.

  7. Great photos Lorna. I'm really envious of that sunshine you've had. Dull, wet and pretty flippin miserable here in Wales for the last couple of days. I NEED SOME SUN!!!! There that got that off my chest. Lovely view from your house too and so close to the sea.

  8. For me Tanya it's a reminder that I'm not in charge as much as I would like to think I am. And there's a huge relief in knowing that! :)

    Aw now I know where you name comes from; sounds like you really need those wellies! Would it be really irritating to say I would like a bit of your rain?? I've been trying to clear couch grass from a new patch and the ground is like rock. X


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