Sunday, January 22, 2012

pretty in pink

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and for entering my giveaway. It's been really interesting to read your preferences. The pink rose corsage was the most popular item, followed by the yellow dog, then the yellow corsage, the pink dog and finally the blue dog. I wish I could give something to you all! I will be creating a simple pattern guide for children to make their own dog cushion. I can't bear to disappoint a wee girl who wants a whole litter! My husband drew the winner's name this morning: well done MANDI. You win the pink dog, pink rose corsage and this pretty vintage china dish called Rambler Rose which is just the right size for your corsage to sit in.
Keeping with the pink theme here are some photos from around the old town just before Christmas. The hydrangeas are all brown now but the cyclamen are still flowering. Today I saw a single pink rose holding onto life on a bush that has lost all it's leaves.
pink donkey


pink house


  1. Congratulations to Mandi, and what a gorgeous dish she's won in the giveaway too.

  2. Love that pink door - so unusual!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Well done Mandi, very pretty china bowl. I love hydrangeas but have never been able to grow them where I live for some reason. x

  4. I love your blog name, I love pink, and I was brought up in Tunbridge Wells although I have been living in France for fourteen years or so.

    I think I am going to like your blog!

    Bye for now,


  5. I'm a lucky lady. Big thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Love the donkey and the pink door! Wish I had seen your site earlier so could have gone for the giveaway!

  7. Lily - hydrangeas are a good coastal plant. It must be true because they flower for ages here with blooms like dinner plates.

    Thank you Stephanie. Welcome! I love charity shopping in Tunbridge Wells and I have has some lovely times in France.

    Hi June, sorry you missed it! I will definitely do another one as it was such fun.

  8. what a lovely prize! oh i wish i had won, but good for mandi --congratulations!


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