Wednesday, December 21, 2011

make believe

I love the tiny dog and the snowman made from bricks. I love Polly's felt polar bears and toadstools. I love icy ponds. I love that my son believed a bright green, talking tree at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park was real. I love to stare up at trees that are one hundred years old, with their feet planted firmly in the ground. I love to see the shiny fire engine hanging from a ribbon on a branch. Though yours looks beautiful, I would feel sad to see a fir in my living room without roots. This is why I am happy to take my everlasting tree out of it's box to decorate every Christmas.


  1. We can believe there is magic and wonder around us even when we are grown up........a very Merry Christmas Lorna and best wishes for 2012. x

  2. No real tree for us either, though they do look lovely.

  3. We don't have a real tree either. Mainly because my tree goes up on 1st December (it cheers me up during these dark days) and no real tree would last that long!!!. Lorna, I wish you and your family a magical Christmas.

  4. I am still in the process of making my tree - I sprayed some twigs with silver paint and it wouldn't dry. Hopefully it will be up and decorated by Christmas eve. Have a lovely Christmas.

  5. So cute that your son believed the tree was real :) It reminds me of an Ent from the Lord of the Rings!

    I look forward to hearing how your own Christmas Market stall went as well! Did you have it at the Hyde park event? Exciting! x

  6. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas too!

    Hope your tree dried in time Elaine. Though I bet it looks lovely even without decorations. I put some dried radish stems with pods + fennel stems in a tall vase. I was thinking of spraying it but liked the way it looked naturally (and didn't have time).

    I've not heard of the Ent Tanya and had to google it. It actually relates to a post I'm going to do, thanks!
    The market was in Tunbridge Wells. I wonder how much one at Winter Wonderland would be?!

  7. Wishing you a happy Christmas Lorna. You can't help but feel the magic eh, especially when children are involved!
    Take care

  8. Lovely festive and heart warming post Lorna. No real tree here either as I don't like the thought of trees being chopped down for short term decoration. (I'm the same with cut flowers!) So my tree gets dragged out of it's box under the bed every year and decorated with lovely family baubles. Love your felted star! Hope you had a good christmas, Caro x


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