Friday, December 2, 2011

Being a bohemian - in the Village Voice

My blog has been featured in the Bohemia Village Voice which is available free from 180 locations in Hastings, St. Leonards, Battle and Bexhill. Thanks go to John Humphries, editor and publisher. It's a great little magazine. I found out about "A Flock of Crafty Birds", a shop in St. Leonards that sells locally crafted goods. The owner used to work in a well known DIY store and broke away to start up her shop because she wasn't happy with their customer care. Good for her! Can't wait to visit.

With all this publicity I was hoping to have my own on line shop up an running to sell my wares. But I'm not quite there yet. You can see what I have been doing so far in my craft folder on flickr. I have recently gone back to crafting and portraiture and it may take a while to build up my business. My plan is to donate a percentage of sales to the Bridge community Garden and Sacred Heart School growing project. I took a huge cut in pay to work at the Bridge community garden but the wonderful people I met and the amazing transformations I saw in lives in that garden made it all worthwhile. I am so frustrated seeing gardening projects struggling because of lack of funds when they are so very much needed. Lives become enriched, friendships are formed, people are healed.

If you are visiting my blog as a result of viewing the article, "hello!". I hope you enjoy my photos. Please "like" me on facebook, share and follow as it may help me with funding applications.
I mentioned thrifting and upcycling in my piece and said I had just made some roses out of an old pair of pyjamas, a jumper and some fabric scraps. Here are the results. Really easy to do with a hot glue gun! I can't afford to buy flowers and the ones my mum bought me are quickly deteriorating (though I quite like them in their dying state) - these ones will last me all through winter.


  1. Congratulations on being featured and good luck in getting your on line shop up and running. Thank you for entering my giveaway.

  2. You clever girl - I am hopeless at crafting, but not a bad painter - I suppose we can't be good at everything. Your roses are lovely - hope your online shop does well for you.

  3. Oh this is wonderful news and I do hope you get many new visitors from it. I wish you luck in getting you oneline shop running too. Those fabric flowers are lovely. I'd love to start crafting, but my mind is on job hunting at the moment, that I am just not relaxed to enjoy such likes...mayben next year, you will def. be a source of inspiration for me.

  4. congratulations! and i love your flowers, both the lovely-colored dying ones and the all-winter ones! upcycling is so clever.

  5. Thank you everyone.
    Must do a giveaway myself soon Jo!
    Would love to see your paintings Jo.
    Shaheen I find crafting really helps keep me relax. Really hope you find your job soon!
    Thank you Daricia, I love it because it's cheap to do and you can make beautiful things.

  6. OOPS I meant see your paintings Elaine. So sorry! I had a bit too much wine last night at the school dance and my head is fuzzy today.

  7. That is so awesome!! Good luck with the online shop! How exciting! Good for you, filling your life with such beauty and spreading it around.
    I loved your comments about the gardening and people being healed... I am really into that "way of thinking" at the moment - I have a few little ideas that I hope sprout one day! xxx

  8. Wonderful upcycling Lorna and congrats on getting your shop online; I wish you well with it. We could do with someone like you in our newly formed Transition Town!

  9. Those flowers are lovely, Lorna. Great that you were featured in your local magazine. I completely agree about gardening being important for people - their minds, bodies and souls. Good luck with your future plans, I look forward to reading about them.

  10. Sprout them Rachael!

    Caro - Maybe I can be involved? I really look forward to seeing what you get up to. Hope you're going to blog about it. You're doing great work!

    Thank you Wellywoman.

    Thanks for all your support it really means a lot to me x


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