Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Cuckoo Trail in June

Under the bridge

Past the river

Over the bridge

Past the wild strawberries

Past the bluebell woods

Past the wild garlic

Under the blossom trees

Past the pink campion

On and on...
You will know I am really busy when there hasn't been a blog post for a while. I am preparing for a big change; a move back to Scotland. The Green Lady and family will be swapping sunny Hastings by the seaside for the City of Glasgow also known as The Dear Green Place. So I've embarked on the first proper clear out ever. Letting go of a lot of *stuff*. My neighbour has a very good feng shui book about de-cluttering that suggests taking photos of the things you really love but really don't need anymore. I did this with a vintage bowl and jug that I had, but I feel sad I got rid of it every time I look at the photo now, so the photo will have to go too! Mostly I couldn't tell you what has gone out the door. It's a lot.

We have been taking time to get outdoors and relax whenever we can. Here are a set of photos from the beginning of June of our second visit this year to The Cuckoo Trail. I would have loved to have heard the song of the cuckoo this time but unfortunately I didn't. Sadly the cuckoo is now on the official list of the UK's most endangered birds. The RSPB do a great job monitoring our birds, raising awareness and campaigning. I wrote about our first visit to the Cuckoo Trail when the birds were just starting to nest here. Many people locally know about Bedgebury which is an amazing place to visit for cycling but not many know about the Cuckoo Trail. Cycling the Cuckoo Trail is very different from cycling through the woods because you are on a mostly straight path which used to be the old railway track.

We parked for free and set off from Hellingly which is funny because you couldn't be further away from hell. The trail is very quiet though you will pass other cyclists and the occasional horse rider or walker. On this day everyone we passed was happy and friendly. How lovely having people we didn't know acknowledge us and wish us well. I thought about the contrast between this journey and the swarming bodies in shopping centres trying to avoid each other. We travelled gently up hill to Horam where we stopped at Wessons biker cafe which was packed with cyclists and bikers. Having refueled with coffee and cake (us) and ice cream (the boy) we took off downhill back to Hellingly. My six year old managed the nine mile round trip without a problem. Until the very end when we were a few feet from our car when he fell in some nettles getting off his bike. Whatever stresses, strains and stings life throws at us, a day out like this is the medicine needed to get up, brush ourselves off and carry on.


  1. Good luck with your move.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I hope the move goes ok. I know how exhausting it can be dealing with everything, but it's quite liberating getting rid of lots of stuff! xx

  3. Thank you. Exhausted is exactly how I feel! X


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