Saturday, January 19, 2013

A walk through Combe Haven Valley

Woodland, farmland and marshland will be destroyed in the making of the Bexhill to Hastings link road.

Shadow of trees from Decoy Pond Wood on frosty grass.

Skull in the field.

A found wreath of oak leaves.

Decoy Pond.

Decoy Pond Wood.

Decoy Pond Wood next to farmland.

View North towards Crowhurst. The nearest road is two fields away from here and much further towards the South. Decoy Pond camp is on the right. The road will run right through here.

Site of base camp. After the protestors set up camp the security fences were put up around the area, protesters were slowly removed and the trees have been felled.

Badger sets were closed off. Although badgers are protected under law a license can allow this to happen.

View from and towards the railway bridge built in 1900. The line was closed in 1964 as part of the Beeching Axe, This old line would make an excellent cycle path linking with the new path from Hastings to Glyne Gap.

An empty tree house and shelter on the ground from base camp. This tree has now gone. But protesters were successful in delaying the work.

View over Combe Haven Valley.

View over Combe Haven Valley with one of the many felled trees. The proposal is for a road that will run through here, 2,000 homes and a 50,000 sq m business park space at a cost of £100 million. The site floods in winter.

Decoy pond Camp.
Decoy Pond Camp.

Decoy pond stream next to camp and a young woman abseiling down from a tree house.

Decoy Pond Camp.

A gardener who has travelled miles to protest. The camp is about peaceful resistance and has a no alcohol and drugs policy. Locals have been dropping off food and supplies and many of them are acting as "legal observers". There are equal numbers of men and women protesting of all ages. I spoke to a lady who is a care worker who climbed a tree in spite of arthritis and cemented herself to another protester. She's never done anything like it before.
Police approach camp. When we were there there was no conflict and everyone was polite and respectful.

East Sussex County Council's proposal.
Comb Haven Defender's response.
and Hastings Alliance
Friends of the Earth: 4 reasons not to build the road.
Hastings has some of the most deprived estates in England.
Campaign for Better Transport on the "Roads to Nowhere".


  1. I saw this on the news the other day.Its such a step backwards to destroy the beauty of this place.Once gone you can never replace it.Thank goodness people are willing to stand up and protest. I suspect they wont back down and in a few years we will be hearing regularly about how the homes there are flooded recurrently.

  2. It's not only about the devastation this road will cause. It's about the 191 new roads planned in England and Wales - a total of 772 miles, costing more than £30 billion and affecting hundreds of wildlife habitats.

  3. This happens so many times. New homes, businesses and no thought to how Mother Nature works in the area! I get so mad when greed overtakes beauty.

  4. Really great photo's - and lovely blog. Shows the beauty that's at stake here.

  5. All I can feel is outrage and sadness - yet another beautiful part of our countryside to be destroyed.

  6. Please support the defenders, write to MPs, local newspapers and let more voices be heard. Thanks for your comments


  7. Agree with all your comments. Even going along for, or better still with, a cuppa, can help, all support is greatly appreciated. Please visit Combe Haven now while you have the chance.

  8. I feel so sad for that beautiful land could a busy road and housing development be built in such a rural area these days? What happened to protecting Britain's last green spaces?

  9. Please support and spread the word Tanya.


  10. Hello - I've just come across your post and am saddened by the imminent destruction of such a lovely place. I hope the protesters make a difference. I'm about to lose a local beauty spot here to a development (despite local objections) and once again, the wildlife and countryside didn't seem to count for much.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear that Wendy. I think we will be hearing a lot more stories like this.


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