Sunday, October 21, 2012

Little Miss Incy Wincy

I envy the spider
Not tied to the ground
With her lofty perspective
No rooms full of clutter
No keys to be found

Two-legged intruder
Catching a trip wire
Sends her spinning in free fall
Splendid silken structure
A job to rewire

Scaling the red curtain
A jungle creeper
Along the washing line roof
She's sprung into action
Apartment seamer

With high grade alloy steal
Ductile and weightless
Liquid from her spinnerets
And her guidance genteel
Work looks effortless

I really am sorry
Causing such carnage
Though you don't seem to notice
When you're in a hurry
No time for a grudge


  1. I've just stumbled across your website. I am not one for spiders, but your photos are fantastic of Incy Wincy!

  2. Thanks! I was wondering if I should put a warning on this post :) Hope I haven't scared too many people. Thanks for stopping by it's lovely to have you here.



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