Sunday, February 5, 2012

Everything is rosy

I woke up this morning unable to move because I pulled a muscle in my back playing with the boy yesterday. I was lying face down, barely able to breathe with the pain wondering if I was going to be stuck in that position for a fortnight. Six inches of snow lying for the first time this year. After a good dose of pain relief I was able to get up and move around. No sledging for me; so I went off with my camera instead. I've never been so grateful for being able to walk around but I've probably overdone it and am seizing up again. Time for more pain killers and I will try to remember to take it easy tomorrow.


  1. WOW! BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE your pictures :o) And poor you! Hope you`ll feel better soon :o(
    Take care

  2. Sorry to hear about the back, Lorna. I don't think there's much that can be done other than rest and painkillers. I use hot water bottles to ease muscle pain sometimes but I'm not sure whether that's the right thing to do. I know sometimes ice packs are better. There's just something very soothing about heat. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing your snowy photos.

  3. Lovely snow photos. Hope your back's on the mend soon, remember to take it easy.

  4. Lovely photos. Hope your back is better soon.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Thanks Wellywoman I meant to ask if anyone had any tips. My doc says to use warmth. I agree the heat is very soothing. I have to keep moving too. Which is annoying because I want to sit with a hot water bottle at my back and not move. I'm very lucky, my friend has offered to give me a massage. I hope that helps too.

    Thanks for your kind wishes. x

  6. Lorna I can confirm that absolutely the best thing is gentle walking, even around the house! You've overextended a muscle and muscles around it have tightened to compensate. Painkillers and warmth are good but don't sit still too long. I speak as one who has knew back pain frequently when my son was small (always lifting him for a cuddle!) and now have regular "tune ups" from an osteopath friend. Hope you're on the mend soon, give it a few days... Caro x

  7. BEAUTIFUL makes me wish we had a snow day here as well. The top three are my favourites - they tell such a lovely story when set together. Well done :)

  8. I've posted the pics onto my Pinterest - hope you get some hits from it! See it here

  9. Lovely photos - love the grassy snow one! I'm in pain too! The antibiotics I got from the dentist - turned out I was allergic and now am literally covered from head to toe in a very nasty rash which may take 6 weeks to clear! So I missed all the fun of the snow in bed! Thanks to blogger though I can experience what I might have been able to see!

  10. Thanks Caro I'm keeping that in mind. Had my hour long massage today, was lovely!

    Thanks Tanya - I'm really loving pinterest already. Your pages are great. Really get to know a person on there!

    June - so, so sorry to hear you've had this horrible reaction. I really hope you're not in too much discomfort. It's hard to keep spirits up when in pain. I also love visiting everyone's blogs and find it cheers me up.

  11. what stunning photos!
    oh no i hope your back is better very soon, i know a little of how you feel i have been to physio for mine today...not nice
    thank you for your very sweet comment
    love jooles x

  12. Hi Jooles try reiki it's worked a treat for me! x


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