Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take Your Time

Sunflower and romanesco calabrese flowers.

Calendula (pot marigold).

Calendula seed head.

Teasel seed head and french bean and borlotti beans.
As I lie on the grass at my allotment, eyes closed feeling the warmth of the sun on me, I can hear the earth being attacked with spades and forks all around. This is the time of year when everyone panics and start frantically clearing patches of land that have become busy with weeds during the summer. Someone will proudly announce, "I've got my onions, broad beans and garlic in". Like they've just run a race and are waiting for a prize. It makes me smile. There is a lot going on in my plot. The badgers have been having a good old munch on my sweetcorn. The slow worms are preparing to bed down for the winter. Seeds are being scattered in the wind. Pods are drying to a hard crisp shell. The worms are mixing in the manure for me. There's no rush.


  1. I'm not as relaxed as you, Lorna. I just run out of steam! I love the image your post conjures up of badgers eating your sweetcorn.....

  2. I think the badgers think my allotment is their own personal supermarket.


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