Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Community Garden: March

This is the community garden in March. After winter the site looks very bleak. We had so much snow that when it melted it rushed down the side of one of the banks and onto a neighbouring house's patio, flooding it. The site was still having the drainage problems we came across last summer. We had applied for lottery funding to finish the hard landscaping; gravel paths, seating areas, compost bins, but found out this year we hadn't got it. The areas that were dug out, that were supposed to be seating areas, are water logged and the soil on the bank is being washed away since there are no retaining walls. The paths and beds are indistinguishable and the children are running over all the soil. Joel's funding for working at the garden finished. So for most of the Autumn and winter there was no one working on it. I pruned the gooseberries and apple trees.

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