Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friary Gardens

We visited Friary Gardens on a beautiful warm day at the end of September. From their web site: 'Friary Gardeners offers horticultural training and greater independence to people with disability through the raising of annual and perennial plants from seed, growing flowers and vegetables, the sale of plants and produce and the provision of gardening services to the local community, particularly those who are elderly and/or have a disability. All the revenue generated by the sale of plants and services is "ploughed" straight back into the work.'
They are also growing plants for Great Dixter now! It is a magical place with a wonderful atmosphere. I wish I had time to volunteer!


  1. I found your earlier visit. It's still stunning. The "orange" tile wall sign is great. I like quirky things in a garden...

  2. I love it to. It's not there anymore, maybe they've sold it. I've just realised it was 2 years since I visited, not one. Time flies...

  3. 2016
    Of course it is still there. My brother has been going for years.He loves it.
    They have their Annual Sale at the moment.And signage on the road, just before St. Helens Church. Well worth a visit as well as plants there are many accessories as well - All for a Very Good Cause.


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